Sunday, February 3, 2008

Swap Time!

I've decided to do a Bella swap! Since there are sooooo many I want, but I obviously can't purchase them all now cuz I'm not rich. Check it out here at Split Coast Stampers for details.


Aura said...

Hey there, thanks for the great comment on my blog. I have a ton of Bellas and I would love to help you out with your obsession but would rather just send you an assortment instead of doing the swap! If you send me your address I will stamp a couple images of each and send them your way. Happy Stamping.


Vicki said...

Hi Bridget, just passing by to say 'you've been tagged', please see my blog for details. xx vicki xx (SBS 11)

Laurel said...

Hi Bridget, stopping by to say 'hi' from a fellow SBS11. I too am addicted to Bellas, just found them in early January and have already placed 3 orders!

Carolina said...

Hi my name is Carolina and I'm a Bella addict - sorry had to say that after reading how many of us in this group are! Maybe we should consider doing a Bella stamped image swap or something...I know Jane (whoopsie daisy) loves Bellas as well.

SBS11 Sister