Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daytona 500

I can NOT wait until Sunday's Daytona 500. Have ya'll ever been to or threw a party before? What did you do as far as playing games? Did you do that? What kinda food did you make? I'd love to hear your creative ideas.

OH! And as far as what did I do productive wise with stamping/scrappin uh....I bought some things lol. Glue, glitter, ink things like that. I will hopefully be able to do something tomorrow depends on if my husband feels nice enough to get a break from the baby. Today he's not feeling so nice. GRRRR!


Toni said...

Nachos!!!!! Put some velveeta in a crock pot on low low low with some browned hamburger meat and whatever extras you like (onion, jalapenos, etc.) ... we also do bratwurst on the grill with practically a whole table of condiments/buns. And brownies, every single guy who comes wants brownies ... Daytona rocks!!!

Carolina said...

Hmmm...I would say anything your guest can eat with their hands, this way they can be mobile and have a great time!

Glad you were able to buy some new craft stuff and hope you get time to be creative!

Jamie Martin said...

Hi, just stopping by to say hi. Sounds like you bought some fun stuff :)


jo said...

Hope you get time to create!!