Tuesday, February 19, 2008


WOW! I'm really hating my camera right about now. There must be something I'm doing wrong cuz pictures of people do not turn out so crappy. It's been a few days and I've done a couple cards. I got some new punches that I'm hoping I'll be able to play with today. And oh yeah, I'm sending in my contract today for SU. WOO HOO!

The pic to your left is from my stamp set I won at an auction. I have gotten a few more ideas since this card just haven't been able to put them on paper yet :)

The card to your right is my new Bella. Frizzybella! I love her I dunno why, but I do

I used purple sparklies for her purse, that was fun. I don't like my two way glue pen though cuz too much comes out. I wanna get that glue stamp pad. Man I'll use that thing to death lol. I love new toys :D

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Lynn said...

Your cards look really cute! I had the same problem with my camara when I first started trying to take pictures of my cards, then my husband told me I should have the camara set using the detail mode. The setting looks like a little flower on my camara, so when I changed the setting, my pictures started coming out clearer. I hope this helps, keep up the good work!