Friday, February 1, 2008

PIF Anybody?!?!?!

I'm so new to all this Stampin/Scrappin lingo and when I seen this I asked my friend Dawn (please be patient with me while I learn lol) about it. After 20 minutes of trying to get me to get it, I DID!!!! I thought it was a great idea so I've decided to give it a try. I will pick one person this week to PIF (Pay It Forward for others that are new ;) ). Because I've discovered Bella's and LOVE them, actually I'm addicted. I want to know what is your favorite Bella?


Carolina said...

Hi Bridget,

So my favorite Bella - wow I have to pick one? Not sure I can because I would have to say I love Cuppacakeabella and Javabellas equally...when you go to my blog, you'll understand.

I also wanted to pop by and say hi! I'm one of your SBS Sisters and looking forward to getting to know you.

All my best,

Valerie said...

I adore javabellas!

jo said...

Hi Bridget. I've just joined SBS11 and look forward to getting to know you!

Toni said...

My favorite is the Chefabella! becuz I want to be able to cook and she inspires me! Your Bella Consultant really ought to be Veronica (one of your SBS 11 sisters & my best friend) -- she owns, I mean it, every single Bella, along with stock in the company (no not really but she should!)

Vicki said...

Hi Bridget,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself as a fellow sbs 11 sister, great to 'meet' you.

OOhh!!! Bellas, let me think, which one, uuummmm????? pmsabella, teachabella, cupcakeabella, ooopps!! sorry can't choose just one. I love them all.

Well i'll look forward to speaking again soon, take care xx vicki xx

Aura said...

My favorite Bella is SnowbunnyBella. I absolutely love her. I actually am right there with ya about the addiction problem....I am throwing a bachelorette party and am using GolfaBella because we are having a golf themed party. She is very cute and fits the bride perfectly.
Happy Stamping

horsebroad said...

I have to admit I have as of yet to try any Bellas. But with a limited income, who do you start with???????

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Hi Bridget! Another soon to be SBS sister here. My favorite Bella? Hmmm... cuppacakeabella and teddybella. mwah!

Jenn said...

Hi Bridget,

I would have to say my favorite Bella is Cupcakeabella!