Thursday, March 20, 2008

Behind again

Man, I'm terrible at posting pics of my work, but I hope ya'll don't feel bad cuz I haven't updated my MySpace page with baby pics for my sister neither :(. It's one thing to post, but to upload the pics and get them all organized takes some time. And when baby is asleep I need to utilize that time as wisely as possible. Welp, I've been doin a whole lota NOTHING lately lol. So here's some of my work. The bird one, was something I had to make for a friend with a quickness. Let me just tell you, under that pressure (I had 15 minutes to figure out what I was gonna do and put it together) I was sweating and shaking lol. The other two are projects I'm going to make at my first SU shindig. I can post them here because nobody that's coming visits my blog anyhow.
Oops! I forgot to mention that my upline Dawn is the one who helped me create the two projects we are going to do at my workshop. I have to keep them very basic because the people attending don't even know what a stamp is lol. The think it's something you put on a letter to mail. you know what I'm dealing with lol I'm excited though cuz I know they be hooked.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been tagged :D

So you want 7 facts about me? um...

1. I HATE leaving the country, even to just go to Canada.
2. I can not stand when people chew with their mouths open.
3. I don't have many female friends cuz I hate drama and the more female friends you have = more drama lol
4. I love dancing shows, dancing movies and dancing tee hee. My favorite is Dirty Dancing (keep Patrick Swayze in your prayers)
5. I am a Direct Sales junkie, but focus on only 2 of my companies
6. I love chocolate :D
7. and.....I'm sick of hearing about Kwame Kilpatrick. Ok, maybe that one was a cop out cuz I can't think of anything else lol.

Wow! That was kinda hard. But I still loved it none the less. Lets see....who can I tag since I don't have many friend rofl. Carolina, Toni, Veronica

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Blog

I have a local womens networking group I run and we've decided that in addition to our website we are going to do a blog as well. I decided to use Word Press because I'm not familiar with it and there's only one way to learn lol. I don't have much on it yet, but check it out here. Leave a comment, let me know what you think. If you are local and would like to check us out let me know that too. We'd love to have ya :D

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2 New additions

Man! I'm lovin this SU paper. I am not liking winter right now so anything that reminds me of spring makes it better :) Not sure what I did different to make the baby card look better with my camera but ok.
Now I'm gonna jump subjects. I'm so upset about Bella changing her shipping charges! I noticed she has a Jeep girl and I am, of course, a Jeep girl. So I wanted to order TWO stamps, they totaled about $15. Shipping? It's $10.29! WHAT IS SHE THINKING? I will NOT be able to afford that for two stamps. UGH! I REALLY need PMS and Chef Bella so if anybody has any images I'd even be willing to swap with what I have. Thanks :D

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Here's the other two cards that I made yesterday, for some reason it would only allow me to post 3 in my last post. OH! And because I'm polish the Thank you card did not turn out like it was suppose to lol. It was suppose to be diag. (can't spell haha) like the cake, but I was half butt backwards yesterday lol.


I got my SU kit and I'm BURSTING with excitment. I went on a card makin frenzy yesterday and I'm fixin to do more this afternoon. Sounds dumb, but I got so overwhelmed with so much materials I didn't know what to do lol. So I got some ideas off of SCS. My Bella was a whole different ordeal. The pink part is kinda bare cuz I wanna add something there I just don't know what yet. I am going to post again after this because I believe I have other images to share with ya'll. I'm doin the HAPPY DANCE :D

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I love to take a quiz and MAN was I happy when I seen these results! I'm a HUGE fan

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