Friday, December 5, 2008

I feel it!

I need to create before I just pass out! It's killin me now that it's been so long and I've done DIDDLY! I want to start on my sons scrapbook before he turns 18 haha (17 more years to go). Perhaps I'll start that next week since my husband is being laid off AGAIN! It's funny how just a few years ago working for the Big 3 was a great thing and now it's one of the worse. Our future is so unstable it isn't even funny. I'm sure ya'll have been effected some way or another by this horrible economy. My husband and I went from just about being totally debt free (everything except our house) to just about ready to file for bankruptcy (I didn't say we were I said READY to)! If this is a nightmare will somebody wake me PLEASE! If it really is reality then I guess I need to tighten up my boot straps and figure out some ways to cut back. What have you done to cut back? Let me know. It would be nice to see who's still reading my blog anyhow.

On top of all that my dog is sick again! In about the last week he has gradually stopped eatting. He is to the point now that he won't eat any dog food. He only eats what I cook him (lamb, ground beef, chicken) and it's not because he's getting spoiled. I think he only eats it because it's food he never gets. Ya know like chocolate, no matter how sick you are you'll still get it down. He has an icky case of diahera (sp), coughing and lost about 6 pounds in a month (due to not eating I hope). So we took him to the vet, which we can't afford, and $200 later they did a fecal sample and blood panel. We should get results next week, but in the mean time they are treating him for gastro infection. They said because his symptoms are so vague it could be the flu to cancer. He has no fever btw. So pray for my puppy who is 13 years old.

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Dawn Marie said...

we just got rid of direct tv and got AT&T bundle in hopes to save money!