Sunday, April 27, 2008


I sure do love to be busy and I betcha ya'll thought I curled up in a corner somewhere lol. I was hoping to at least show you the menu's I am making for a wedding, but a friend of mine borrowed my small hold punch and I can't get a hold of her. So...instead I will share with you what I made at my friends Dawn's Stamp Camp since I don't think I shared with you what I made last time :( We made two cards, a bag and a post it note holder (this time). The one with the ribbon around it was referred as a slip knot (I think) and boy was that a fun challenge. I loved making that card cuz we used a really cool technique with plastic wrap. You just bunch it up, dab it on your ink pad, then onto your paper. It's so easy and unique. I loved the bag because she made up 4 white and milk chocolate dipped pretzel rods. Only problem is only 3 made it into the bag lol OOPS! shhhh The post it note holder was my FAVORITE! It was easy, but of course she has the spots that needed to be scored already done. Anyhow, not I'm behind on laundry, if anybody would care to join me come on over :D I'm hoping to get more stuff posted tomorrow.


Jamie Martin said...

Sounds like stamp camp was fun! All of the projects are so pretty and colorful :)

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a good time! Lots of cool stuff you made too. I think the notecard is my favorite too... love that it can hold that little pen. I wonder where she got it from. I've been looking for one like that. Cute!

jo said...

Gorgeous stuff Bridget!