Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pup of the week

I'm soooo super excited about the new rescue I am working with. I've decided that once a week I will post a new dog every week and let you know about him/her. If you or you know somebody else that would be interested in adopting just simply go to www.k9resque.org and fill out the form.

This weeks pup is Robby. He is such an adorable dog. I first met him last Saturday at one of our adoption events. He is very playful and would be great for any family. Robby is a husky/shepard mix and currently weighs about 30 pounds and will be scheduled to have his manhood taken away next week. He is very good with other dogs and kids, but not cats. He is only 6 months so I'm sure this is something he could get used to with a little patience. Here's a pic of the cutie, but of course it doesn't do him justice.

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